How to procedure the survey solution in AWS Cloud

Dear Survey Solutions Team

Currently I plan to use the survey solution to process in our survey by using aws cloud. Actually, I followed the instruction how to set up survey solution cloud with aws but unfortunately I cannot reach the final set up so I would like to request team help me to solve my problem. My problem is survey solution set up in window saver 2019 base. I cannot continuous my set up in point PostrgeSQL Database Connection Setting

  1. Saver
  2. Port
  3. User name
  4. Password
  • For the Saver should we keep the default or replace with endpoint number?
  • Port I Keep its default 5432
  • User name I use postgres
  • For the Password I used the same as Postgres password it is correct?

Have a nice day


Hello Marady,
here are the instructions for the AWS setup.
Following from top to bottom, which steps have you completed and where did you stop?

Thanks you @sergiy now I solved it, by the way how many day or month AWS cloud active?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services.
So this is more a question to them (to Amazon).

Or do you mean how old the AWS is?
Then it is reportedly operational since 2002.

Hi @sergiy
Yes, because I worried during survey processing the cloud error (expire). I have use free tier when I create cloud with amazon.

have a nice day


I am not sure if you’ve managed to obtain a server satisfying the minimal requirements for Survey Solutions from Amazon in their free tier. Most likely not, perhaps only in some other region. Which country/region are you in? What are the exact server specs?

My belong country is Cambodia. and Minimum: 21 GiB, Maximum: for saver I have installed (actually it default im not change during installing). But I testing it with working smoothly in my phone.