How to load a drop-down with a field

How to load a drop-down with a field which contains a code and a caption?

Typically we just type the codes and labels of categories, but when there are a lot of them and you have them available in a file, you can upload using a button located at the bottom of the categories editor.

Hello sergiy thank you for your answer, but in the file we do not allow to load a table of several fields, for example a product table (code, label, price)

This is correct. We do not load tables, databases or movies into categorical questions. Categorical questions are for selecting categories. Categories are pairs of codes and labels. And this is what the ‘drop-down’ selector is used for.

  • What is your survey?
  • Where is the questionnaire?
  • How does the question sound like?

Thank you I have to load 2 linked lists the first, a region list (label, region code) and a prefecture list (code, label) whose codes are unique by region example: region1 (prefect1, code: 1, prefect2, code: 2)
region2 (prefect1, code: 1, prefect2, code: 2)