How to implement 'required fields' in Survey Solutions


How do you make relevant fields required in Survey Solutions? We would like to design a survey that does not allow the interview to mark a form complete until all the required fields have been answered.

Thank you.

Hi, @ashwinikalantri .

Thank you for the information. The doc basically says that there is no such function. It means that interviewers can send incomplete forms. The design can always include “Prefer not to answer” or “Don’t know” or “Not applicable” which is not the same with no answer at all. If these options are included in the multiple choice, the question can be set as a required field. Instead of the interviewer sending an incomplete form and the supervisor will just return it because it is incomplete, then the interviewer sends it back and so on and so forth… Which is an inefficient workflow… I hope required fields can be considered as a feature to implement in the future.
The app can actually take care of inconsistencies and missing data with this (required setting) along with the validation and the enabling functions. The supervisor can then focus on spot checks.

But thanks for the response. Very much appreciated.


I agree. I feel the user should be given the choice of how they handle these situations. I have to over complicate my questionnaire to ensure I have warned the interviewers enough that they haven’t answered certain questions. I would still get interviews that have unanswered questions.

But that is how the platform functions today. I hope the developers change their stance on the way mandatory questions are handled in SuSo.

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