How to get the web link of rejected interviews

Hello Survey Solutions Team,

I am conducting a web survey (CAWI) on a server that does not have the mass mailing provider established, whereby the web links are sent manually.

We recently declined an interview, but we cannot access that interview with the initial link, nor do we know how to get the web link with the declined status.

Could someone tell me what to do?


I have tried the initial web link in these ways, but it has not worked:



Does anyone know how to fix it? or have you been through this situation?


Dear @kv700032 ,

recall the difference between an assignment and an interview. When you sent the original invite to the respondent, she received a link to an assignment. When she opened the link, Survey Solutions created an interview for her. And she filled it out. The assignment may still exist, and may still permit to create additional interviews (depends on the property size of the assignment). But an assignment can’t be approved or rejected. As a supervisor you approve or reject the interviews.

Similarly, if you want the respondent to fix the problems in the interview sending the link to an assignment will not be sufficient, because there may have been multiple interviews started from that assignment.

Hence for rejected interviews you must send a link to an interview, not to an assignment.

Consider the following scenario:

  1. You created an infinite assignment #24672
  2. You sent the link to the respondent (with invitation ID: 2MN8WGTL)
  3. She clicked on the link, an interview 5f1… d01 will be created.
  4. As she moves through the interview, the section name will trail the address.
  5. She completes the interview.
  6. She repeats the steps 3-5, which results in interview dbf…db0.
  7. You approve the first interview, but reject the second.


Once the interview dbf5489d89b0435e817d6f4bf178bdb0 is rejected, you need to send the following link to the respondent:

If she follows the original link she received in the invitation, she will just create a new blank interview, which is not what you wish for.

Hope this helps.

Best, Sergiy

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Dear @sergiy,

Again thank you very much for sharing your knowledge, when doing tests it was exactly the same question that arose, since I did an assignment with infinite size and tried to reject an interview using the same link used to send the invitation, there I realized that something was wrong with me premise.

Thank you very much for the complete explanation, I have learned something new and it worked correctly as you mentioned.

Thanks for your help :clap: