How to get selected variable label,

Hi Support Team

I have generated a roster call roster_season with two season (summary and winter) and it has variable call “scr_maize_variety” which have five option of scr_maize_variety. Now , how can i show that selected variable “scr_maize_variety” option name out of roster. If we are using the variable without roster then we can use %variablename%. but within roster’s variable. How can we get the value out of roster.

I used following code


it give the value (option number), but I want the label of that option number.


is working correctly, then
should result in the same value. Furthermore, when scr_maize_variety is answered, it can be reduced to:
When used in syntax it will be a numeric code of the maize variety, yet if you display that as a text substitution %scr_maize_variety% you should be seeing a textual label of the maize variety.

Best, Sergiy

Thanks for the suggestion. I will try.