How to filter the options of single question using a macro

Hello Survey Solutions Team

I would like to built a filter to my single selection question:
This is that I wish to do:

  1. I have a question of type Text (Detaills) where I know about detaills of something.
  2. I create a macro Words where I have this: Detaills.Split().ToArray()
  3. I have a question of type single selection (CodeDetaills) where I wish only see the options that contains some word of the array produced by the macro Words.

How I can do it? It’s possible do it?

Thanks for your help.

This would require access to the text of the option (the label of a category) from the syntax.

This is intentionally not possible in Survey Solutions, as it potentially (and most likely in your case) will cause the questionnaire to behave differently in different languages.

A filtering condition may operate only on codes of the options, not the labels of the options. This guarantees language-neutrality.

I was experimented it when try to applied a filter but I had an error between to compare INT and STRING.

Thanks for help us.