How to filter out the interview based on the interview key in supervisor dashboard

Dear All

In the HQ dashboard I can filter out the interviews based on the interview key ie by putting the interview key in the search filter it will display only the interview that matches that interview key but in the supervisor dashboard I cannot do that. When I use the interview key it does not filter out it just give a yellow shade but when the interview is in the end it is very difficult to see the yellow shaded interview. Can you please help if there is a way to filter by using the interview key in supervisor dashboard in the same way as it can be done in the HQ dashboard.

Thank you

I am also encountering this same issue where a search by anything (interview key, values to identifying questions, interviewer username) in the search bar on the top right does not filter the interviews but only has the yellow highlight on cases that match. Seems like the search bar should have the same functionality as it does in HQ.

I’ve noted the defect.
This will be fixed in due time.

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Dear Sergiy

Thank you and can you please let us know when it is fixed.