How to filter options of a single select question

I’m trying to filter options of a single select question
Here is a bit of detail;

  1. I have a list question(econActivityList) where interviewer would list the economic activities carried out by a person
  2. Then I have a roster(econActivityRoster) based on the list question above
  3. Inside the roster, I have a single select question(isRegistered) where it asks if each of the economic activity is registered or not
  4. Outside the roster, I have a single select question(selectEconActivity) where I need to filter the list of items in (econActivityList) **only for those activities which are not registered.

This is the list question

This is the question inside the roster

This is the question i want to filter (outside the roster)

I imagine the filtering condition for the question selectEconActivity will be something of a kind:


The instruction for the last question looks confusing to me. It seems that you are putting the burden on the interviewer where a programmable solution should be applied. Unfortunately the example is not full, so it is not clear whether e.g. the hours of work are collected anywhere above (I assume they are), or otherwise, how the interviewer should judge on which activity to select (also ask how the supervisor should verify that the activity has been selected correctly).

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