How to enforce audio audit


I want my all surveys to be record with 100% audio audit function , but some of the smart interviewer disallowed “mic” permission at the time of 1st installation. But i have read on SS website at below link , that we can disallow start of any interview if mic is disabled. How I can achieve this in survey solution. (I have also pasted extract of SS note about audio audit.

How audio auditing is enforced on the tablet

Just like with GPS or picture questions, Android prompts interviewers to allow Interviewer to use the microphone.

Naturally, survey managers could be concerned that intelligent interviewers would either deny Android the needed permissions, or accept the permissions but then subsequently disable them, thereby avoiding audio auditing of their interviews.

To prevent this behavior, interviewers will not be able to start interviews that require audio audit without enabling required Android permissions.

In last line it is mentioned that we can enforce to audio recording. How I can do this in survey solution ?

Kindly advise.

As stated in the documentation, interviewer will not be able to open interview details from android application without microphone permission. You just need to enable audio audit for the assignment.

Dear Andrew,

Thankyou veey much for your reply.

Yes. Although it is stated in the documentation that “interviewer will not be able to open interview details from android application without microphone permission” but the problem I am facing is that “mic” permission is disabled on my enumerator tablets but still they are able to conduct interviews as usual. (Please note: I have enabled “Audio audit” at questionnaire level as well as for each and every assignment.)

If interview was created from an assignment before checkbox was synchronized to interviewer application then audio audit will not be enabled for that interview.

In order to be 100% sure please delete Interviewer application and synchronize all assignments from scratch.

@Babar, after implementing audio audit of the survey, what effect do you find on the quality of data? How was it received by the respondents? What were the main advantages stemming from the audio audit?