How to display changes since last rejection for review

Dear all,

Is it possible to display the changes an enumerator has made to an interview since the last review by the supervisor?
To clarify, let me express the situation:

  1. Enumerator uploads completed interview
  2. Supervisor rejects questions a), b)
    3)Enumerator makes changes to questions a), b), c)
    4)Supervisor wants to see all changes that were done (not to miss the change in c) )

My concern is that the enumerators might not only make changes in the commented/flagged questions. But how can I see the full list of changed questions? Is there an option to filter? (I noted that the time of the change is in the interview overview but I cannot filter or sort by time, i think.)



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As of now we have no such functionality. Other users also requested some mechanism for tracking changes, but so far we have not come up with any feasible (from the implementation cost perspective) solution.

Alright, that is good to know. Many thanks for the swift reply @misha!

Lutz, you can pick all the AnswerSet events from the paradata since the last Reject event and that would be the set of all the questions that have changed.