How to design Loops?

Hello! I would like to know how to design a loop.
Any help please?!

What are you trying to do? That will help provide better advice on what to do.

Thanks for the respond.Actually, I have a household procedure with some steps. For instance, one indication is: if you get into a household and the person refused to be interviewed, then go to the tenth household. Or if you get into a household and you do not meet gender quota (meaning that you were looking for a male and you get a female) then go the next household and start the process from the begin. How could I program in the sens that I can get back to the begin anytime I have no call, till I secure a successful interview.

Have an interview termination code, e.g. 11=refusal, 12=nobody at home, etc and 10=success.
If the HH refuses, that is the end. The assignment is fulfilled (with code 11). Then have the HQ to issue another assignment for the HH they feel is the right replacement for the one that has refused.