How to create a question with multiple column to answer

Hi all! I have a question as follow (figure). With the question 12 (Q12) I want to create question with the first column is text answer and the second column is the numeric answer. Can anybody here suggest me the best way to create this type of question.

Thanks all!


This is 4 or 5 different questions:

  • description; (text)
  • ISIC; (categorical single select)
  • in-cash; (numeric)
  • in-kind; (numeric)

You could ask the total (numeric) or calculate it yourself.

You mean that I should seperate 2 question into 4 question, right? Are there no way to merge the question “The last time you were paid, how much did [Name] receive?” into 1 question, such as matrix table?

According to the screenshot you have two sections: YELLOW and WHITE.

  • The YELLOW section contains 2 questions: description and ISIC code.
  • The WHITE section contains 3 questions: in-cash, in-kind, and total.

Why someone has called these sections “questions” I don’t know.

For tables read here:

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