How to create a condition based on the fixed values of a list

Hello everyone, I am starting to use this tool, however I do not know how to perform the task described in the title. I need to be able to check the value of some options of the list to show some questions.

read the question, but it sounds too generic to me to advise anything.

Perhaps point to the questionnaire (PDF, English) and let know the page number or question number where the situation occurs.

I’m sorry, I attach an image of the questions, the list is the variable C3_29 and the condition is found in subsection 29_3, it evaluates the values ​​of the options in the list.

C3_29 is technically not a list, but a roster.
To address an item of a roster, use square brackets.

Most likely you meant (and I don’t know why you don’t want to write it) that you wanted to check that
C3_29_2 is equal to the sum of C3_29_3_1 and C3_29_3_2 and C3_29_3_3
Since 29.3 is not a roster (appears to be a subsection) you can write just that:

 C3_29_2==C3_29_3_1 + C3_29_3_2 + C3_29_3_3

because that check is conducted fully within each row of the roster.

If you’ve meant anything else, please describe.

@sergiy, in my case i want to enable some questions in the Roster when centain tax tye is picked in the List on question A10, see questionnaire attached.