How to change identification

I need to change identification after completing interview in tablet

What does it mean?

If You need to login as different user, then You need to reinstall app, or clear all application data. But You should sync before this action, as all collected and not synced data will be wipedout.

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I assigned 2 interview cases with identifying variables already filled. Unfortunately, the interviewer went to wrong one. So i need to shift data to the right one.

  1. Explain the interviewers that if there is one thing you want them to do right, it is reading the address and going there rather than somewhere else. Same applies to the answers to all other questions in the interview.

  2. if the interviewer went to the wrong household, the correct action is to create another assignment for the original household and make sure the interviewer goes there. The erroneously collected interview is to be discarded, as it was not part of the sample.

  3. If you intend to keep it for any [non-statistical] reason, once you export the data, use Stata’s replace command or its equivalent in your statistical package to substitute in the right identification information.