How to cal a roster variable, out of the roster

I have multiple questions in the roster. I have to write a code (outside roster) if that roster variable contains 1,2,3,4 and this (outside roster variable) is enabled.
Is this possible

Possible, but what if some contain and some don’t?

since you’ve mentioned “…is enabled” in your original question, I suppose you will be writing the code into the enabling condition for the corresponding question.

Dear survey solutions,

  1. I want to sum all the values for ROSTER1.Sum(x=>x.EQUITYB) at @rowcode 1-5 excluding @rowcode 6 then ensuring the sum is equal to ROSTER[6].EQUITYB

I tried to check for solution on the forum I couldn’t find an answer
Your quick response will be highly appreciated




to get the sum.

But I don’t see the point of asking the respondent to give the total if you are calculating it yourself anyways. So don’t do that.