How to avoid error when GPS location is not available

If the GPS location data is not available, an error message appears when we finish a survey. Our survey site is often located between high mountains so that GPS data is not available when we tap to record GPS. How can we avoid error message for unanswered questions when location is not answered?

Shunji, what does the error message say? Sergiy

Dear Shunji,

When you create a questionnaire on Designer, you internd Interviewer to answer all of them.

If there is a question - it should be answered.

In your situation I can suggest interviewers to leave a comment (tap of the title of the question and hold for a couple of seconds) under this question.
Also you can add some static text to a gps question - smth like - add a comment in case your gps location was not caught.

If a question is NOT answered - it cannot be marked as answered.

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When I tap “complete” after finishing the questionnaire, it shows “Unanswered”. The question of GPS location becomes “unanswered” even though all other questions are answered.

Actually it is an error but “unanswered”. But enumerators are not comfortable with it and even confused. So, I want to make it “answered” even when GPS location is not measured.

Shunji, you wrote " I want to make it “answered” even when GPS location is not measured."
A question cannot be both answered and not answered.

  1. If you don’t want the GPS measurement - remove the question.
  2. If you want the GPS measurement only sometimes, introduce a screening question examining the current situation and instructing what to do.
  3. If your interviewers are “confused” conduct an additional training, record an educational video, prepare a pamphlet or write an instruction in the instruction field explaining what you expect them to do.

You also wrote “The question of GPS location becomes “unanswered” even though all other questions are answered.” You are now confusing me and perhaps all the other readers of this forum. Do you somehow imply that the recorded answer gets lost? That ALL the questions (INCLUDING the GPS question) were answered, and then you came to the completion section and the “GPS location BECOMES unanswered”??? We have not seen any bug like this and if you have a reproducible scenario of this happening please submit.

Best, Sergiy