How to add static text from other questions in a roster variable

Dear team

How can I refer a text from other questions in a roster. For example I first list down all the other activities and when I come to income section I want for each roster based on the number of other activities listed to display which other activities it is referring to. Is that possible in Survey Solutions.

If I am reading your question right, it is sufficient to include %rostertitle% in the text of your question.

If this is not what you are looking for, please provide more details.

I have a roster in the income section where the source question for the number of rows is the number of other activities. Now for income for each other activities I want the name of other activities to be displayed. The names are provided in previous questions as text variable.

The value of a text question can be displayed with the %-substitution, for example:

Did you get paid for doing %other_activity_names% ?

Not all question types are available for substitution. Check in this table:

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