How to add different hyperlinks on questionnaire based on interviewer

I want to add a clickable link on static text so that interviewer can click on that link and it will redirected to phone’s browser. I followed instruction from ‘Hyperlink demo’ section from ‘PUBLIC EXAMPLE Unicode Text and Formatting’ questionnaire. But I want to add different links for different interviews.

So I tried prefilling the links on LINK variable and on static text I recalled that link.

like this:
[:point_right: link] (%LINK% “Click here for the link”).
but I get the following error:

[WB0280]:Text contains a link to an unknown question, subsection, roster or pdf attachment.

Is there any method I can distribute the different links for different interview through prefill?

  1. The links must be evaluated at design time to decide whether they lead to a questionnaire resource (such as a question or attachment) or to an external resource (such as a website). This is causing the WB0280 error message you are getting for a link with an unknown destination. Hence, I don’t think you will be able to manipulate the destination from within your code (like you are trying).

  2. It is legal though, to manipulate the text of the link:


Which will let you define the text of the link within a calculatable variable mytextvar.

  1. Explain your case. Why do you need the link to vary?

  2. If it is only a handful of destinations, one can deal with multiple conditional static texts, enabling the appropriate one (e.g. link to instructions in English or Japanese). But if it is the same dimension as the number of respondents, then it is a different matter.

I need different link for different respondent because after completing the survey on interviewer app they need to redirect to our website to record the disposition code. and we have created different links for different respondent on our website.

and there are around 800 links, Same as number of respondent so It is very difficult to add all links on static texts

What does this mean?

we have 800 respondent, as it is CATI survey, we call them. after completing the survey they will follow the link to record the status of the questionnaire whether it is completed or not.

This doesn’t make any sense to me.

Clearly relying on the discipline of respondents to indicate the progress of the survey is not reliable.
Nor it is necessary, because Survey Solutions shows the status of each interview automatically.

honestly it doesnt makes sense to me either, but its not upto me.
is it possible to distribute the different links though?