How to access to X variable in another roster

Hello friends.
How can access to a one variable that is into a second roster? For example I have two roster, my first roster is Members and into my first roster I have a second roster named Ocupation, in a third roster that have the same level of the roster Ocupation, I need to access at the data that contains the variable X that is localizated in the second roster.
But always that I do a lambda expression I have the following error: “The X variable don’t exist in the acttual context” .

Thanks for support me.

As long as you are talking about the same members (same trigger question for rosters) you can mention their attributes without any additional headache:

occupation == 101

even if occupation is asked in a different roster.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

Hi Sergiy.

What happens when I am not talking about the same members?

I have a roster of food items where I ask in a question if the household obtained X item via self production and I want to set up a validation condition stating that if the person states that they obtained an agricultural product via self production, there has to be at least one household member who was previously registered as working as a self-employer or boss in an agricultural activity (In the household roster).

I get this same error message, what can I do about it?

See example section ‘Check statuses’ in the ‘Public example User questions and common patterns’