How to access the @rowcode of upper-level rosters in nested-roster structure

Hi, for a nested roster with, e.g.,ro1=>ro2=>ro3 where ro1 being the very top one, can the very inner question or variable insdie ro3 access the corresponding rowcode of the 1st-level roster ro1, and how? I need to use these information to enable some inner questions if it is under a particular 1st-level roster item. Many thanks.

perhaps such deep nesting is not required? what kind of survey are you doing?

yah…I was working on a survey for our partners. They have a farmer survey questionnaire, where they ask very specific crop practice per each crop per each land they own and under each year. So I was using a nested roster like “roster_yr ==> roster_fields==>roster_crop==>roster_someOther for recursive crop management like irrigation”.

The roster saves me a lot of time in implementing that, but I also encountered some issues like the one I mentioned above.

at the level where the proper rowcode is available introduce a variable to store it. then in the deeper level mention that variable instead of the rowcode:


Is this the Thailand rice growers’ survey?

@sergiy thanks! you are always available for help. No, it is a survey for Chinese farmers in North China Plain.