How Technology Can Aid Resettlement Planning and Implementation

A post in Development Asia has described the use of Survey Solutions for the affordable housing project in India’s Tamil Nadu state involving the large-scale relocation of more than 6,000 households:

The field teams were trained and used tablets to collect the data through a software platform called Survey Solutions, an Android-based application later synchronized to a cloud-based centralized database.

The data collection using the Survey Solutions “Interviewer” Android application ensured that robust security measures were in place to safeguard sensitive information. The tablet lock screen passwords and application-specific passwords fortified physical and digital access for authorized personnel only. The AES Encryption Algorithm for data encryption ensured that the stored data remained safe even if the device’s security was breached.

CAPI helped to streamline the interview process and ensured that high-quality data was collected by facilitating logic checks, highlighting the errors, and following the right sequence. It also helped to reduce extensive data cleaning and entry. This resolved common data collection problems and speeded up data availability, making it easier to analyze the resettlement impacts and prepare the strategy to mitigate the impoverishment risks.

The robustness of the data collected contributed to the design of a unique resettlement program, integrating the graduation approach, which has typically been used in the arena of poverty reduction.