How much data traffic does the use of the Survey Solutions API consume?

Hi Survey Solutions team,

I look forward to an incredible 2021 for you, full of new surprises in this fantastic tool.

I would like to know based in your experiencies, how much data traffic is consumed when we are using the Api of Survey Solutions?

Explaining it in more detail, we are from Honduras and we are planning a Survey called ENIGH 2022 and we want to use some APIs. For example, the API to comment some questions within the interview, the API to reject an interview, the API to export the stop file, etc., but our risk or rather our fear, is that this will generate a lot of data traffic , because we want to verify in each of the interviews received, from a list of questions defined as having the greatest relevance, if there are unanswered questions and then reject the interview if those questions are not answered.

If anyone has experience in using the Survey Solutions APIs to automate a process, we welcome their ideas, advice, opinions and recommendations, since we are interested in knowing how much data traffic the consumption of the APIs can carry and from them determine the frequency with which some processes must run.

Thank you very much for all your help.

Assuming you trigger a full data download every 6 hours and your data is 500MB (zip-compressed) you are looking at 24/6*500=2000MB per day or ~60GB per month.

Of course, your survey will not be of constant size (smaller in the beginning, growing in size as more data is collected).

Increasing the frequency will improve the responsiveness, but equally increase the traffic.

In practice triggering full data download is not needed, and you can limit yourself to the interviews that have changed in the recent hours/days.

Other queries, such as rejections that you’ve mentioned are trivial in size, but their quantity is not possible to say upfront, since it depends on the likelihood of the answers being missing for the questions of your attention.

Of course the above does not include the normal functioning of the server to provide synchronization capabilities for interviewers and web server serving pages for supervisors and HQ staff.