How many files are generated in the Designer

Hello Survey Solutions’ team

Sometimes, when we are working a questionnaire, we are trying to define all our sections, our questions, our rosters and some validations.

We can test our desing in the moment and also use the App Tester.

But when we are defining a questionnaire, we have no way of knowing how many files generates we will have at the time of exporting the data.

It could be a good idea have a way to check the quantity of files generate by the design (struct) of our questionnary.

Thank you for your dedication in the development and improvement of this tool at all times.

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You can upload your questionnaire to and test the Data Export from your Questionnaire as described here:

However as a general rule, you will be generating a base file for your questionnaire and every roster (including nested rosters) will generate a file each.
In addition there are a number of system generated files with para&metadata from your questionnaire, such as when the interviews were started and finished.

The easiest way to find out for certain is as mentioned above, upload it to the demo server.

This also gives you the chance to experiment with your team setup and the tasks required to implement a survey after designing the questionnaire

My trick to see the data structure of the questionnaire is to import the questionnaire into the demo server and then I select Upload Assignments with that template, and then I download the zip template for that questionnaire under the Identifying and Collected data (archive). The files in that zip will give you a sense of the structure of the data export, number of data files, how every data file will be named as well, and what variables will be in which data file.

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@macuata && @l2nguyen thanks for your cooperation.

These are good ideas and good practices.

Thanks for help me.

I agree. It would also be nice to be able to export the structure of the datasets that will be created by your questionnaire. This will help to expedite the development of other systems that use the data coming out of survey solutions.