How many documents can user upload

Survey Solutions user Yash Mehta has sent us the following question:

Need to understand how many documents can user upload in single question. Is there a limit to number of uploads and size of documents and what all document types would be supported in doing so?

I have never heard of such a capability in Survey Solutions, so if anyone else can help Yash Mehta, please jump in.

I have a requirement where respondents have to upload their purchase receipts of past few months. So they would be uploading them in one question.
So is it possible that I create multiple options with attachments functionality or they could upload multiple receipts.

If you mean the picture question type, then Survey Solutions does not artificially restrict the size of the image that can be attached. It does restrict the size of the image that can be taken. See the limits section.

Naturally, 1 picture question = 1 picture.

If I ask user to upload receipts and he has 5 receipts can he upload it to the same question or
Can we have multiple attachment options in single question?

As @sergiy mentions, if you want to upload 5 receipts, you need 5 questions with pictures.

It is possible to capture all 5 receipts in one image (organize the receipts to capture them in a single image), but most likely you will not be able to interpret the values โ€‹โ€‹of the receipts captured in the image.

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