How do you list a Primary Sampling Unit

I want to develop a questionnaire that will list all structures within all MRN_Points situated within a single Primary Sampling Unit (PSU).

What is an MRN or MRN_Point?

Map Reference Number. This is a spatial point (with unique longitude and latitude attributes) assigned to a structure on the ground. For example a block of flats will be assigned one point though it contains multiple dwelling units.

Dear @bennimo ,
Survey solutions supports Geography questions (please take a look here). This type of questions could help you to get longitude and latitude attributes of any point(s).
But I am not sure if it fits your request. Could you please describe your scenario?

In SA we use a digital frame to sample for our surveys. The sample is drawn from a list Primary Sampling Units (PSUs), where each PSU consist of Map Reference Numbers. Each MRN can represent a structure or a group of structures. These structures have different feature classification codes (eg. Banks, shops, garages, business, private dwellings, etc.). For household surveys, we only sample from structures which are private dwellings. Hence we would like to develop a questionnaire which will capture all this structures on on the ground with their geo-locations and feature classification codes to develop a frame that can be used for both household and economic surveys.

Dear @sergiy and @vfedoseev
Thanks for the assistance. We’ve managed to develop a draft questionnaire on listing but still struggling to have the system to auto calculate the number of records. Could you please assist on how to solve this issue. Tried to write a couple of functions but the expression is giving syntax errors.


Dear @sergiy
Can you please give advise on the challenge mentioned.


Hello @bennimo , if you share the questionnaire, I will be able to recompile it in the Designer, see the error message you are getting, and comment on why you are getting it. Best, Sergiy

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What is the email address that I can use to invite you to the questionnaire


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Please check this questionnaire: KZN Frame Update Pilot


Please include a link to the questionnaire, see

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Please find the link:

We are asking for a function that can calculate the sum of all structures in the PSU (i.e. sum of variable numStruc) and also a function that can auto calculate the variable DUNo instead of typing it manually.


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Apologies. I forgot to turn on anonymous sharing. Please find attached the link

Thank you for sharing the questionnaire. This makes it clear now.

To find the total of numStruc in the roster MRN_ID use the .Sum() function:


This is common in many questionnaires. Consider for example the Burgers example in the public example.

That said, the total number of structures is something that is inconsequential in the current version of your questionnaire. You can certainly display it in the results section, but this is nothing that can be right or wrong to be verified. Consequently, I’d suggest you don’t calculate the total unless you have a story behind it of why it is needed during the data collection. Instead, calculate the total at the data processing stage, when this information is received in the office.

This is even more so for the DUNO (dwelling unit number) in your questionnaire. This appears to be an extra burden to be put to the interviewers to number dwellings, but then nothing else in the questionnaire depends on it. Do not enter, but rather generate in the data once the data is sent back to the office. (it is certainly possible to assign the IDs for these dwellings in Survey Solutions, but keep in mind that all of them will be renumbered in all the MRNs as soon as you add/remove one dwelling in any previous MRN, which is almost certainly a bad consequence, and if it is not bad, than these numbers are not informative).

Note also:

  1. your question “Capture location of dwelling unit” is outside of the dwelling roster. Based on it’s current location in roster MRN_ID I’d expect a label like “Capture location of MRN”. But I am still puzzled as to how you deal with 3 entities: MRN, Structure and Dwelling in just 2 rosters (not 3).

  2. you currently have 2 cover pages. Almost certainly you need to look at the questions you have there and rearrange. Survey Solutions’ cover page has a very specific purpose, it is not just a section like any other.
    Special Section: Cover Page

Best, Sergiy

Dear @sergiy
Thank you very much for the advise.
We have implemented the guidelines. Please find below the link:

We thus request a skype meeting to address some technical issues. We note the difference in time zones, hence we would recommend to have it at the convenient time for you. Please advise