How do you interpret the parameters variable in the paradata dataset?

Hello everyone,

I have exported the paradata from Survey Solutions server because I would like to get the first values entered by the enumerators. I was wondering how should I interpret the “parameters” variable.
For instance, I have:
var1 || 1 || 2
var2 || 1, 2
var3 || 1 | 2
What do the “||” , “|” & “,” mean? Does it mean that the enumerator first wrote 1 for var1 and then changed it to 2?


See documentation provided: Paradata file format

I assume you speak about event “AnswerSet” (or similar):

Values of multiselect questions are recorded as codes of selected items separated by commas: 323.0, 315.0, 147.0

Values of text list questions are recorded as specified items separated by the |-character: Sergiy|Maryna|Natalia

If there is a second “||” it implies it is an optional roster address.

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Thanks a lot!

If I understood properly, in the following example, I should interpret the results as following: the enumerator first reported 0 for the roster 629 of question f2_1. He then changed the answer to 1, right?