How do I find the login entry for the HQ account

Now I can only through the remote computer Surveysolution software account to log in to the headquarters, go in for after the show’s web site: http://localhost:9700/Headquarters.
May I ask how can I find the URL of the login page of the headquarters account without using SurveySolution software in the remote desktop, that is, the web address that can be loaded by any browser
Look forward to your answer,thanks!

Localhost is roughly equivalent of saying “this computer that I run my browser on”.
If you wish to address another computer on the network you can write an IP address of that computer instead.

So, in the optimistic scenario, you will need to have your server’s IP address specified instead of localhost.

In reality most likely this is not all, as the computer may be within an organization that does not allow servers to be set up arbitrarily on any computer or being directly transacted from outside of their networks. And equally likely that the default port 9700 will not be accessible for security reasons. So, one way or another you will need to have your network admin involved in this.