How do I add validations to cascading combo boxes?

Hello SS Team,
I was just wondering why there are no options to add validations to cascading combo boxes?

By the way I like the new features of the tester and the row source naming of rosters. Great addition.


Dear Pierre,

you can add validation rules to cascading combo boxes by clicking “Add new validation rule” link on a corresponding question.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

Dear Pierre,

thank you for reporting the issue. I see that the validation field disappears when the parent question is selected in the cascading combobox questions. We will look into the issue.

At the moment I can suggest two workarounds:

Do not add a validation to the cascading selection question. Instead, add a static text following the question which you wanted to validate. Give some reasonable description for the static text, such as “District verification”. This text will be shown in case of an error at the screen.
Suppose your validation condition is c3!=11 and message is “Error! May not select eleven!” then for the static text enabling condition write
and for static text validation add a rule with condition
c3!=11 and message
“Error! May not select eleven!”

(notice the enabling condition is opposite to the validation condition).

This will simulate the validation of the preceding cascading selection question with the only difference that when you jump the hyperlink from the screen to the source of the error, you land at the static text, not the erroneous question. If the static text follows the question immediately, this should not be noticeable to the interviewers.

This technique could be used for other similar situations where the validation condition is not applicable for any reason or the limit of 10 validation rules has been exhausted.


The second workaround is to switch from the cascading questions to the filtered comboboxes.
You can replicate cascading with a filter, but still each question is treated as independent and you can apply the enabling and validation conditions freely as you see fit. Furthermore, if you know that some answers at some level are erroneous (if selected, will be marked as an error) you can knock them out of the list of possible selections right away, so that they are not even shown to the interviewer.

I hope one of the two methods above will be suitable for your situation.

Best regards, Sergiy Radyakin

Hello Sergiy,
Thanks for your prompt reply and hope you are doing good.
I hope I am not missing anything, but can I upload a screen capture of my question that does not contain a validation link?