How can I enter data using a matrix of two dimensions or more or in a panel?

I need capture data from a matrix or panel, how can i do?
for example

for hundreds of products

Assuming the interview happens over the phone, how does the interviewer inquire about the value indicated by ???

This questionnaire is to be applied and captured on a tablet, not by telephone

Maybe this panel is more clearer

Could you say a bit more about how this questionnaire is meant to be administered? In particular:

  • Identifying items that are consumed. Will the interviewer read out each product, and ask if it is produced (yes/no)? Will the interviewer ask which products are produced (as an open question), and record which products are mentioned by the respondent (selecting from a long list)? Or is there some other method?
  • What information is recorded for items not consumed. If an item is not consumed, what information, if any, needs to be recorded in columns d-g? If no information is meant to be entered in columns d-g, is there some other way the interviewer should indicate that the products are not produced?

Have you investigated how to set up and implement rosters?


That is generally the method to implement matrix style questions.

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the articles that are consumed and reported, are selected from a long list, in this questionnaire you have the entire list of products and those that are not listed are in the category of others.
if the product exists, the quantity and value of production and quantity and value of total sales are put.
the list can be taken from a database

Yes, review the information, the problem I have is that the list of products is very long and that of each product several types of data are requested, both numeric and string type, and that at the time of being shown in the questionnaire the interviewer can get lost because the survey shows the categories down, is there a way to show the information to the right?
some data must be validated with catalogs, at the moment they are captured.

so I solved it with the help of kv700032, if anyone else has another option, I’d like to hear it

There seem to be two issues here:

  • How the questionnaire should identify produced products, and the best UI control for that
  • How to manage the large size of your list

How to identify produced products

Here I see two options:

  1. Answer yes or no for each list item

(See multi-select roster with yes/no mode for more details)

  1. Enter product name to select it from a long list


(See version 19.04 release notes for more details on this option.)

How to manage the large size of your list

The two pieces you need for creating a roster have size limits. Multi-select questions, needed for enumerating produced items, have limits imposed at design-time (i.e., when you develop the questionnaire): they cannot have more than 200 answer options. Rosters, as of version 19.02, have limits at run-time (i.e., when you answer the questionnaire): for simple rosters of few questions, 200 rows; for more complex rosters of 31+ questions, 60 rows.

If you have fewer than 200 products, then you can probably use a single, simple roster.

If you have more than 200 products, then you will want to create several rosters–one a group of products that, ideally, are related. For example, a cars roster, a trucks roster, a planes roster, etc.

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les comparto la forma en que pude solucionar esta situacion, con ayuda de KV700032, asi aparece en el cuestionario

la lista INGRESOS la mostre como tabla

las variables a capturar M310B y M710B pueden ser enteras o string y se pueden capturar mas columnas agregando mas preguntas, para agregar mas renglones agregar items en la lista Listingresos

Asi lo solucione, con la ayuda de KV70032