How can I add complexity to validations


I have tried to complete a validation but cannot get it to work.

I have two questions and one of them already has a validation, but I need to add another control to it, the questions are:

Q10=Are you currently enrolled in an educational establishment?



Q25=In which of the following places do you feel discriminated against? (multiple response)

Place of study…1


Place of health care…3

Places where it participates in recreation, sport and culture (parks, cinema, libraries, theater, sports schools, etc.) … 4

In public space (street, churches, shopping malls, community areas, etc.)…5

In the home, house, or place where you live… 6

None of the above… 7

I wrote this validation


How can I complement the validation with this rule.

Does not study, option 1 is not possible, place of study.

Additional I must add the same validation with work (Q19), it does not work, it cannot mark workplace.

Thanks for the help

I’d suggest you don’t do it with validation, but you rather apply a filter to remove the non-applicable option 1 for people that aren’t enrolled in an educational establishment.