How can completed interview be re-assigned to interviewer to do correction or add/change info

If we get a finished interview, which is rejected by supervisor or HQ because of quality issues, can we somehow reassign this interview back to the interviewer, so that he/she will be able to correct it? Basically can interview which is marked as complete be open again and corrected by interviewer or supervisor/HQ?

I just found
If I read correctly … proper way is next: Interview is marked as completed, synchronized, marked as rejected and then can be re-assigned to same or another interviewer. The interviewer will then be able to open a questionnaire with already collected info and correct errors or add/change data in that interview, Is this correct understanding?

Please confirm or guide to good practice how above is mentioned situation should be serviced.

Rejecting interview by default ‘returns’ it to the same interviewer who completed it (current responsible) so no extra step is needed, just reject by supervisor and the interviewer will receive it the next time she syncs. Reassign can be done at any moment, including rejection if you’d like another interviewer to pick up the task instead.

Thank you for your answer.