Household rosters and multiple preloaded variables

We would like to ask the following question in a household survey of farmers:

Does %name_n% %age_n% %relationship_to_HH_head_n% of the head of the household still live in this household?

The question should pull the information we have on each household member that we collected during previous rounds of the survey. The n would change for each member of the household (for example it would go 5 times, 1-5 for a household that has household members, and we would have preloaded information on age name and relationship for each member 1-5). The number of household members is available from previous data collection rounds as well. The idea is that the number is both dynamic (based on the number of members in each household, which is different for most households). Normally I would just make a source question using that preloaded information for this roster, but since I would also like to pull the name and the age and the relationship to the household head, I don’t think that would be sufficient in this case. Is there a way to pull the roster number into the preloaded variables? I am imagining something that could replace the n in those variables names like this:

Does %name_%rostertitle%% %age_%rostertitle%% %relationship_to_HH_head_%rostertitle%% of the head of the household still live in this household?

That doesn’t seem to work in designer though. Is there another way of doing this?

Thanks in advance.


  1. have three hidden questions in the roster : name, age, relationship.
  2. Include %name%, %age%, and %relationship% into the text of the question.
  3. preload the hidden questions;
  4. on interviewer, the corresponding values will be substituted into the text of the question.

No need to use any indices when you need information for the current person.

Best, Sergiy