Hosuehold and household member IDs

We are using a sample with our specific IDs for each household. These ID numbers are 11 digit numeric variables. We need then to merge the data with data form previous survey rounds. We are able to upload that sample, but when the cases are completed out and when we download the data, our ID numbers are gone, and instead replaced by the Survey Solutions automatically generated string variable (str32). Is there no way to keep our ID numbers?

Secondly, we would like to assign individual ID numbers during the survey to each member in the household that is listed. Is there anyway to do this during the survey, so that when the data is downloaded each person already has an individual ID assigned to them? this way for each different roster we can match the respondents by ID number.


the answer to both of your questions is YES. You can achieve this with the help of the hidden questions, which are created precisely for this purpose.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

Great! I don’t see the syntax for this in the Variables article, nor in any of the public roster questionnaires. Do you have any examples of how to do this?


When the scope HIDDEN is selected, the question is destined to be hidden and store the prefilled values to be used in validations and enabling conditions. For example, one may create a validation that the highest educational attainment of a person now is no lower than it was during the last visit. At the same time, because they are hidden, they do not reveal their value to the interviewer, thus eliminating the possibility for a simple carry-over of the values from the previous wave of the survey without asking the respondent for the updated information.

Note that Picture and linked questions cannot be hidden.