Hide hidden questions in the interview transcript pdf file

Hello Survey Solutions team,

We are currently conducting a web survey, in the design of the questionnaire we have hidden questions that we preload loading assignments.

We found that the preloaded values ​​in the hidden questions are visible to the respondent upon downloading the interview transcript file in pdf format.

In our tests, the hidden questions with preloaded values ​​were not visible in the downloaded pdf file, however we don’t know why they are now visible.
Can you help me configure what is necessary so that the preloaded values ​​are not visible in the pdf files corresponding to the interview transcripts?

Is anything known about this?

Hello Kevin,

I don’t think there was any recent change (21.05 or 21.06 versions) that could have touched the hidden questions or transcripts.

There are no settings that are affecting the transcripts (nothing to configure).

Yet the transcripts are generated in the following situations:

  1. generated on demand by the person reviewing the interview (supervisor, HQ user).
  2. generated on demand by the web-respondent upon finishing the interview;
  3. sent by the system as an attachment in the confirmation email.

It is not quite clear which way is the PDF obtained in the TEST and FIELD settings above.

Hello Sergiy,

Thank you very much, I will test on the demo server according to the contributions you mentioned.

Hello @sergiy,

Thank you very much for your help, I carried out tests according to the scenarios you indicated and everything worked perfectly, that is, the hidden questions are not shown when generating the pdf on demand by the web respondent at the end of the interview. And when generating the pdf with user HQ I visualized the hidden questions.

Thank you again for your help.

Dear Kevin,

thank you for taking time to investigate and form confirming that the observed differences are due to the different ways the transcript documents were generated.

Best, Sergiy