Hide a section from the interviewer

Hi survey solution team,
I am doing some calculations under a section which i want to keep hidden from the interviewer. Is it possible

What do you have in this section that you want to hide?
Questions, variables, static text?

No not possible, if the section is not visible to the interviewer then it is disabled and the variables are dormant.

Joining the question of @kv700032, why would you want that?

Hi Sergiy,
I have a large number of variables and lots of calculations. I wanted to keep those calculations in one section which will not be visible to the interviewer.

Hi @nsso_team

Well, at this point.
You have a way to solve it.

In any section, create a variable of Boolean type called Flags with false value.

In the section you want to hide, specifically in the enabling condition, write it Flags == true

Flags == true will never be true, then the section will always be hidden for all the users.

To my knowledge, there’s no way of doing this (exactly as described). If a section contains variables that need to be evaluated, those variables are evaluated only if the section is enabled. If the section contains only variables (i.e., nothing that the interviewer must answer or see), then the section will still be visible (but will be colored green since all questions will be answered without any interviewer action).

If you simply want to store all of your variables in a single spot in the questionnaire, consider placing them in a section that also has questions. If you want the storage place for the variables to stand out, consider adding a static text in front of them (e.g. with text !!! --- HERE ARE MY VARIABLES ---!!!) that is always disabled (e.g. enabling that is always false like 0 > 1) and is hidden when disabled. In this way you achieve what you want: a single place to store all of your variables, that is invisible to interviews, but easily to spot by questionnaire developers.

  1. I’d recommend placing the variables in the section where you are asking the consent.
  2. If you need variables in the rosters than a dedicated section is not possible.
  3. If you need a dedicated section for variables, perhaps, yoi have too many. Consider reducing the number of variables.