Hidden GPS question explanation


I tested hidden GPS questions on a questionnaire and after submitting them to my PDS and exporting, I found only missing data for said hidden GPS question. Is there a way to get coordinates from a hidden GPS question? What exactly is their functionality and how do you use them?

Greetings @AhmetS ,
As far as I can see Hidden GPS questions work as expected.

The answer you can get from exported files on Data Export page or via API.

How do hidden questions you could find here.

Hidden questions are used to store preloaded content. Correspondingly, hidden GPS questions - store preloaded coordinates.

If you are trying to covertly spy on your respondents/interviewers and secretly determine their location without them being aware - look for other tools. If your intent is different, then, please explain clearly what that intent is.

There are quality criteria that my company has to fulfill when it comes to CAPI interviews. One of them is making sure that the interviews are not frauded, e.g. someone using fake GPS software to pretend they are at store X talking to clients when they are actually at home interviewing their family to finish their quota/assignment faster.
The interviewers are told from the start that their tablets will record audio and GPD position in order to check if the data we get is honest and correct.

I was wondering if I could use a hidden GPS question to get the interviewer’s position without having him/her press on a button for every single interview he does, but from your answer I understand that hidden GPS questions store preloaded coordinates, as in already measured coordinates.