Help on designing a question

Dear Survey Solution Users,

I have come across the condition where I need to show the options answered
in previous question which includes Others (specify) as well. So the main
question is how do I add a option in question from the text specified in
previous question and also the answered options.


Good question Raj,

the options in Survey Solutions are fixed and the only modification available is shortlisting via a filter (specifically one can’t dynamically add an option to a categorical question). Since you are asking about a text specified earlier, this tells me that you can’t anticipate all possible answers and shortlist them.

Here much depends on the actual questions, which you may or may not want to tell us.

Consider the following pattern:

Q1: What are the sources of water available to this household:

  1. piped
  2. stream
  3. well
  4. bottled
  5. other

Q2: What is the other source of water?
text entry

Q10: What is the main source of drinking water?

  1. piped
  2. stream
  3. well
  4. bottled

Interviewer, other source is: %Q2%

Specifically there is no known way to insert value of Q2 into the option 9 in Q10.
Much here depends on whether the interviewer reads the options or picks a proper option based on the respondent’s answer. Placing the static text close to the last item will facilitate, though not completely, the selection of the other option.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin