Health Survey Design Questions

Our user Maria Adelaida has sent us the following questions:

1- How can I use the string variables (fx) “name1” and “name2” as items in a fixed roster (r_absent)

Items in a fixed roster are fixed. Refer to the following article to verify WHERE text substitution may be used:

2 - How can I make sure the second item (name2) does not appear as an option in the roster (r_absent) if there is only one health worker in the health center.
Put a condition on the roster: something like @rowcode<=nworkers should probably be sufficient in this case.

3 - How can I extract the first word of %rostertitle% from a roster ( r_hw) to store it in a string variable (fx) "firstname"

%rostertitle% may be used only in text substitutions, but not in syntax expressions.
Depending on the type of the roster you can go back to the trigger variable and operate on it directly (if there is one).

Best, Sergiy