[Headquarters] - Associated shapefiles are not visible on 'User Maps'

SS Team,

We used maps and shapefiles on out latest pilot, and it’s come to our attention that some of the associated shapefiles to users are not visible from the ‘User Maps’ panel on the Headquarters but all the expected associations are present in the downloaded file. The Interviewer app is capable of downloading the shapefiles that are not shown on Headquarters, which means the associations are successfully created from what I understand.

Here is an example from that described behavior

The maps with tpk extension doesn’t have this anomaly (From what we could gather). This doesn’t happen with every shapefile that was used, so it’s difficult to determine for every shapefile if it wasn’t associated with the user or if it was associated and it is not shown on the Headquarters only.

Headquarters version: 22.12.2 (build 33795)

I would appreciate some assistance on this issue.
Best regards.

What I did:

  1. Took a shapefile from: Open Data DC
  2. Uploaded to the https://demo.mysurvey.solutions demo server running the current version of Survey Solutions.
  3. Assigned it to a user (by downloading the map assignments file, marking the assignment and uploading it back).

I observe no defect:

What are the necessary inputs and the sequence of steps to reproduce this problem?

Best, Sergiy Radyakin


On the same example provided I can see that the shapefile Washington_DC_Boundary.shp associated to the user SergiyInt23 is not specified on ‘User Maps’ ,

but if you download the existing links on https://demo.mysurvey.solutions/jan23/api/MapsApi/MappingDownload the linking is there.

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Hello @pcarrd ,

thank you for clarification. I see the assignment is reflected for the map at the detailed map (as in my screenshot), but not in the grid showing users by map.

This is an interface bug (the assignment is effective, but not properly reflected in the interface).

We will ticket this as a defect.

Thank you very much for reporting this!

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

Dear @pcarrd ,

You can track fixing process here.
Thank you.