Headquarter to Interviewer Rejection with Comments

I suggest that while rejecting questionnaires from HQ to supervisor, the associated comments for rejection be passed along also to the enumerator incase the supervisor further rejects this questionnaire to the enumerator.

Currently, if a questionnaire is in “Supervisor Approved” status, when HQ rejects this questionnaire to the supervisor with comments, who then rejects to enumerators, the comment from HQ isn’t passed along to the tablets. What the supervisor has to do is go to “Show status history” to see the comment, then copy and paste in the rejection field which I feel is a step that is inefficient and would be best avoided.

I think it should be the supervisor’s choice to pass on the comment, but totally agree it should be more obvious and easy for them to do so.

One workaround is to skip the supervisor step and reject it to the enumerator directly by rejecting it, then assigning the interview to that enumerator. This will move it to rejected by supervisor and send it back to the interviewer.