Handling questions in audio format instead of text

as the title says the question is, is it possibe to use voice as a format for a question in a questionnaire? The answer can later be given as text.

Could you clarify what data you propose to capture and how you propose to capture it?

In particular:

  • Are you recording audio or text?
  • If audio, see the audio question.
  • If text, do you mean to capture text via transcription of the audio (like many Android keyboards do, as here)


The idea is that the question can be presented to the respondant via audio, and then the answer can be given via text.

And how will you convert speech into text?
Is this feature present in any CAPI package?

no, the answer can be written, even if the question is in audio format, I’ll check some CAPI packages an see what I find

This functionality would support ACASI–that is, audio computer-assisted self interview–mode of data collection. I’m not immediately aware of which other CAPI packages do this, or how they implement it. (After quick Googling, I see that Blaise and ODK offer ACASI capabilities.) But I would imagine that this feature would simply play audio files.