Gray vs Darkgray colors

User Arthur has sent the following inquiry:

I was looking at font colors in Survey Solutions. One of the options seem a little confusing to me (see below). DARKGRAY/DARKGREY is less gray than GRAY/GREY. Perhaps you could also group GRAY and GREY (and related ones) together, which would make it a little more consistent.

This is regarding the colors shown in particular in the following page:

The illustration is accurate, as it is taken as a screenshot from this demo questionnaire.

Survey Solutions does not define these constants. They are interpreted by the visualization components involved (in all likelihood your browser’s).

Thus the question why is DarkGry lighter than Gray goes beyond Survey Solutions and into the evolution of color palette standards and the attempts to make them compatible.

The result is admittedly so confusing, that even the Wikipedia article on the grey color contains an illustration of it and a specific mentioning of the anomaly that Arthur has encountered.

To avoid any surprises, it is recommended to use direct RGB values for colors (as mentioned already in the article cited above).

Best, Sergiy