GraphQL response error


I trying to get questionaire items in my application by graphQL and after updated (I think) Survey Solutions from 22.06.4 to 22.06.9 it is not working.

public async Task<GraphQlResponse> Get_questionaireItems()
            var builder = new HeadquartersQueryQueryBuilder()
                new QuestionnaireItemQueryBuilder()
            var result = await clientWS.GraphQl.ExecuteAsync<GraphQlResponse>(builder);
            return result;

I got error message by SurveySolutionsClient.GraphQl.QueryError

There was a problem converting an DbDataReader to NDataReader

Kind Regards.

Sometimes I can see this error message in web application when I click on Interviews. But after I refresh page everything is okay, interviews are loaded.

I’m not sure if these problems can be related to each other.
But it looks like there are some problems with GraphQL.

Likely related to: