GPS Points on Custom Loaded Maps

I am using a form for listing buildings in an enumeration area. We have prepared TPK files based on the use of the ESRI extension and synchronized them to the tablets used by the mappers. In the Enumeration Area form for listing the buildings we have a list roster that creates a new tab for each building. Within each building tab we capture the GPS location for each building. The problem is we only see one GPS point for each building listed on the form at a time. I am pretty sure that this is a reversal of a feature that already existed in the interviewer app, to retain and allow all previous building points which had been entered to be seen. Can you please let me know how we can implement the building points in such a way that all previous points can be seen each time a new GPS building point it added on the enumeration area TPK map.

Best Regards

I am not aware of such a possibility.

Sorry about that. An enumerator just confirmed that this feature never existed. Don’t you think it would be a good feature request? Or we could we program all previous GPS points to come up anytime an additional point is added to the custom map?

The map-based questions are used to COLLECT the information, not to do any analytics on the GIS information.

If you feel it is a needed feature, please post a more detailed description of the functionality as a feature request.

If there is a current survey that is requiring this functionality in the short run, please, have a look at the GEOTOOLS that I’ve written, which may be of assistance to the HQ supervisory staff. If you need a training on this, please contact your local WB office/partner with a training request.

Regards, Sergiy Radyakin