GPS points not showing on interviewer App

Good day, GPS points are showing on my web portal(survey solution) but not on the interviewer app. What might be the problem… Im using a demo server for simulation

Is the image you’ve posted somehow related to your question? If yes, please elaborate.

Yes, its related. The image captured is a shape file uploaded and viewed on the portal. but the same view its not visible on the interviewer app. The shape file(map) has been assigned to the interviewer and shows on the map list though it does not show the point plotted.

Dear @moemedi01 ,

thank you very much for your explanation and taking time to report the issue. I can confirm that this is a problem with our code, which will be fixed in a future version. This problem applies to some, though not all shapefiles (to points-based, not line-based).

A ticket has been created for this defect in our issue tracker system, which can be monitored for updates here:

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

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thank you Sergiy Radyakin…

Dear @moemedi01 , the version of Survey Solutions 22.12 released yesterday should be free of this defect. Please check and confirm when you have time. Best regards, Sergiy

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Thanks a lot Sergiy, we tested and they are now showing…