GPS point options

As part of an impact evaluation in Benin, we are interested in the nearest market (as well as several other “services”) to the villages we are visiting. We will ask how far from the village the market is (distance and time required to travel) but also hoped that the group we are interviewing for the community survey would be able to point it out on a map. As far as I understand it, using tpk files for maps is currently only possible in the Area type question. This requires a minimum of three points to be a valid response. Is there a way to use this same approach of pointing to something on a map to obtain a single GPS coordinate?

One workaround would be for the enumerator to point to two additional points after the first and only take the first point stored in the data output as the location for this service. Have I missed a better alternative?
Nick Barton


TPK is not the only format supported by the area question. We also support other formats. Please read the release notes for SDK 100.2 from ESRI.

You workaround makes sense. At the moment we do not have a functionality to record a single location. However, we plan to release this functionality and the distance question (Two or more points and the total distance) in the release of June 4th.