GPS Navigation

Hi there,

On August 2, 2016 there was the following video posted in the Survey Solutions YouTube channel “GPS Navigation in Survey Solutions”.

Is this functionality still available in the current version of Survey Solutions? If so, how do I navigate to pre-loaded GPS coordinates?

I’ve created a GPS question in my questionnaire and I’ve pre-loaded the GPS question with the longitude and the latitude and I’ve created my offline maps from google maps, however, in the video they mention a blue bulp next to the assignment when the tablet has been synchronized and if you click on this blue bulp then you can choose google maps to open up and navigate to the pre-loaded GPS coordinates, but I don’t see any blue bulp next to my assignments. If I go into the assignment and I go to my GPS question, then I can see a map and there is a blue bulp on the map indicating the location of my pre-loaded coordinates but I can’t navigate to that location.

Is it still possible to navigate to pre-loaded GPS questions and if so kindly advise how?

I’m using Survey Solutions version 5.25.50 on the tablets.

Kind Regards
Eugene Ehlers

Hello Eugene, have you marked this question as identification question? Sergiy

Dear Sergiy,

Thank you, I marked the question as Identifying and we are now able to navigate.

Kind Regards
Eugene Ehlers