GPS is not obtained in most interviews

Good night survey team,

My interviewers report problems when obtaining GPS, attached the image where the GPS question is shown. What could be the problem? maybe the tablet they use?



I Attached file with the message that shows

The translation is: "the GPS was unable to determine its location. To solve the problem, please try the following: Make sure you are on the air, confirm that your GPS is activated, or change the timeout setting of your GPS. "

Could be, please try with a different model of the tablet and see if it is more successful.

Also, you can try to turn off your mobile data and only try to register GPS using the mobile network.

When we had that problem in Honduras we solved using the mobile network.

Good morning,

This happens only with some assignments on this tablet and not with all, if it were a tablet problem it would be a problem for all assignments. What is your indication please.

@eherencia, no idea.

The error message already gives you an advice of what you can try.

If this doesn’t help, please contact the manufacturer directly, or through their specialized forums. Here are some links for the popular tablet manufacturers:

If the manufacturer/vendor gives you a helpful advice, please consider sharing it here.

Best, Sergiy

Ok, I will follow up

Thanks Sergiy