GPS data saves over (appends) from different cases into one case for cases done on the same tablet

We are collecting GPS coordinates for outlines of farmers plots in Niger using a Survey Solutions questionnaire. The question that we are using to collect the plot outlines is a “geography” type question, the geometry type of “polygon” and input mode is “semi-automatic”. We have been able to capture plot outlines using this question, however, when an enumerator conducts multiple surveys using the same tablet, Survey Solutions is capturing the plot outlines in this question for all the instances that the enumerator had collected outlines for on this tablet in the past. Essentially, each case in our data has the plot outlines saved on top of each other from the other cases collected on the same tablet, so when we visualize the Geospatial data we get many plot outlines on top of each other for each case. Has anyone come across this issue and know what can be done to resolve it?

Clearing the memory deletes all of the data, so if an enumerator has to do more than one case before they are able to sync to the server, which is often times the case, so that’s not a viable solution. We are using Samsung tablets.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hello @emoroz ,

your message points at an important problem, but gives no steps to reproduce it.

First, I want to confirm that you are aware of the overlap detection feature and you are not confusing that intended functionality with your problem.

Second, I want to confirm the problem description. Does your message imply that when exporting the data you observe something like this?

interview__id geographyquestion
aaaaaaaaaa xa1,ya1;xa2,ya2;xa3,ya3;
bbbbbbbbbb xa1,ya1;xa2,ya2;xa3,ya3;xb1,yb1;xb2,yb2;xb3,yb3;

with the coordinates from the answer to a question in one interview being included into the answer to the same question in another interview?

If yes, please provide the exact steps to replicate the problem.
If no, please clarify your description.

What version of the software was this observed in? Is the issue occurring in the most recent version? (update if not using the most recent version)

Best, Sergiy