Going back from server administration to surveys

In the new version (21.01), the Server management tab takes you to new page with settings for Workspaces and User management. But I find no way to go back to the main page. I have to either go back in my browser or manually enter the base url.

Clicking the SS logo should take me back. Or adding a home button will also help.

Also, baseurl/administrator/takes you to a blank workspace (that doesn’t exist) with the admin page tabs on the top.

  • Click on ‘Server administration’ in the menu.
  • List of defined workspaces will drop down.
  • Click on the workspace you want to go to.
  • You will end up at the 'Surveys and statuses report" as if you logged into the server into that workspace.

Or use the workarounds that you’ve listed.

There is indeed a small bug in workspace selector for Administrator in HQ with single enabled workspace.

I You add one more workspace, than selector will allow you to navigate back to any workspace.

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